Website and Product photography for WLC

Website and Product photography for WLC


Product Photography


Product Photography & Website by Oxygen Imagery and Web Design

Images copyrighted and owned by Window Licker Cannery

GIF by Oxygen Imagery and Web Design for website
Salsa product display for website
Product photography flatlay
Homemade Gelato at Dalous
Product photo of peppers for website
Hot dilly beans product photo
bread and butter pickles product photography
background photo for WLC website

Window Licker Cannery makes some of the best pickles. I’ve tried just about everything they make and it’s all great.

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Creating GIFs in Photoshop

Product GIFs

Its a simple GIF, I know. There isn’t anything brilliant about it…except the impact it could have on a client’s e-commerce site.

Creating GIFs in Photoshop 1

Over the past year I have had more and more customers looking to join the e-commerce world. Showcasing your product in a beautiful and understandable way can make the difference in a sale, as we know. I was looking around to find some new solutions and found this blog post from Biteable. They offer some free and easy ways to create GIFs, for fun or as a tool, and provided a tutorial on making GIFs in Photoshop (which is what I did). You want this if you need an unobstructed GIF that you can download to your website. Thank you Biteable.